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Corporate & Business Law

Whether it’s starting, purchasing or selling your business, there are a lot of steps to ensure easy and smooth transitions when it comes to business ownership. With our extensive knowledge in corporate structures, we can help to ensure your interests are protected while helping you realize your business  success.

Thomas, Efraim LLP is ready to work with you:

– Buying or Selling a business

– Incorporate a business in Ontario or Canada

– Shareholder Agreements

– Succession Planning

– Corporate Resolutions

– Financing/Business Lending

– Annual Resolutions

– Corporate Minute Books

– Structure changes to your current business

Navigating corporate and business law is essential for your enterprise’s success. Thomas, Efraim LLP is your trusted partner, offering expert guidance whether you’re starting, buying, or selling a business. Our extensive knowledge in corporate structures ensures we safeguard your interests and facilitate seamless transitions, helping you achieve your business goals.

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