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We are pleased to provide 30-minute free consultations. We can meet with you to assess and determine your specific needs and how you should move forward.

We have a reputation for being experts in our areas of practice. If we determine that your needs fall outside of our expertise, we will happily refer you to a trusted colleague of ours!

Our main office is located in Oshawa, but we are also happy to meet in Markham and Uxbridge by appointment.

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Why Choose Thomas, Efraim LLP for Your Free Consultation?

Expertise Across Various Areas:

Our team boasts expertise in a wide range of legal areas, including real estate, estate planning, elder law, mortgage financing, and more. During your consultation, you'll have the opportunity to tap into our collective knowledge and experience.

Personalized Assessment:

We believe in the power of personalized service. During your consultation, we'll take the time to understand your specific needs, concerns, and goals. This tailored approach allows us to provide recommendations that are uniquely suited to your situation.

Trusted Referrals:

If, during the consultation, we determine that your needs would be better served by a colleague in a different area of law, we are more than happy to refer you to a trusted legal professional within our network. Your best interests are our top priority.

Convenient Locations:

Our offices are centrally located in Oshawa, ensuring easy access for clients across the Durham Region. However, we understand that convenience matters. That's why we offer appointments in Markham and Uxbridge, making it even easier for you to access our services.

Book Your Free Consultation:

Taking the first step toward addressing your legal needs has never been easier. Contact us today to schedule your free 30-minute consultation. Whether you have questions about real estate transactions, estate planning, or any other legal matter, our team is here to provide you with expert guidance and support.

Thank you for considering Thomas, Efraim LLP as your trusted legal partner. We look forward to meeting with you to assess your needs and guide you on the path forward. Your legal journey begins here.

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